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A month and a half ago, I wasn’t even a journalist. Now I’m here, writing a reflection about a life-changing week that went by too quickly.

Going into this project was daunting. I was tasked with doing things I had never done before, and given a week to complete everything. To say I was nervous would be a gross understatement.

My nerves were quickly put to ease. As soon as the project began, passion took over: a passion to learn, to create and to share. This passion pushed me to wake up earlier and stay up later, all for the sake of taking in as much as I could. It would have been foolish of me to not recognize and appreciate the blessing that this project brought into my life.

Within the week, I learned how to interview, how to create a story from the interview, and how to bring that story into something that can touch other people. However, this was not a venture I traveled alone. My mentor, Carla Javier, was valuable beyond words along the entire process. Whether it was giving advice, giving reassurance, teaching me something new, or pushing me to push myself, she was by my side for the entire experience.

The rest of the people on the project were also essential to this week. Whether it was the other mentees, the other mentors, or the supporting staff, this week could not have gone as amazing as it did without the wonderful people I was surrounded by every step of the way.

Now, with the week ending, I am full of so many beautiful experiences. From here, I hope to take the things I’ve learned and use them as I further my education and move on to my career. I will never be able to forget my experience with Next Generation Radio.

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