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Cameron Govan interviews Carla Burton, an administrative assistant at Star Spencer High School, about the extra jobs she has because of the school funding crisis in Oklahoma. (Jennifer Johnson/ Next Generation Radio)

The Next Generation Radio project was an experience that will benefit me for the future and a lot of learning experiences were gained throughout the week.

The project taught me how to consistently work on deadline and how to consistently have a backup plan.

I started off the week with a story idea that I thought was a master plan, but after the story took a wrong turn it made me think on my feet. We went out and interviewed some truckers who had great stories, but after figuring out that the truckers were not from Oklahoma, the story quickly got shut down.

As a result, my mentor was looking for story ideas and came upon one while riding a Lyft back home from a night out. A quick learning lesson to always be aware of a potential story and have your journalism sensors on at all times.

I quickly had to reach out and find the source. With being on a tight deadline, I became worried that I was going to get behind and not live up to the high expectations set from the journalists and other professionals around me.

Luckily, we had an amazing interviewee and she basically wrote the story for us.

It was a great experience being able to sit down and hear someone’s story and how these decisions affect everyone.

Being able to work with people in my field was amazing. I was able to experience different styles of editing, and partially how the work office operates.

My mentor was amazing. The evel of experience that she brought to the table was a big reason that I was able to consistently progress in the week. She was patient with me throughout the week, and the learning experience I gained was valuable.

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